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About Ginnie

The S.S. Ginnie has set sail. Riding the waves of musical adventure, the S.S. Ginnie is the creative vessel for the songs and concepts of Ginnie Donaldson, a resident of the Florida Keys since 1985. There is a clear parallel between Ginnie and the Keys that is far more than meets the eye. Both have weathered adversity and destructive forces only to rebuild and rise again thriving through hard work, a fun-loving attitude and hope for the future.

As Ginnie says, “We are all riding out the storms of life and trying to make sense of things that often make no sense. Everyone has a story and I’m so fortunate to be able to tell my story through songs. Music is a great stress reliever and what better location is there to do that in? My goal is to use the S.S. Ginnie to bring people together through songs and to help promote and preserve this area I love so much. This is my home, and it is also a getaway destination for so many. We have all got to work together to keep it the paradise we all know and love. I hope to bring awareness of ecological issues but with the idea we can all party and have fun in the process.”

New Album

Working with Nashville based producer Scott Baggett, Ginnie has crafted a soon to be released album “Runaway Daydream” that she only half-jokingly refers to as “surf and turf”. “These songs I have written and found are about life and love and my experiences. They are not all set in a tropical location because I have traveled extensively over the last 30 years. I refer to these as my “turf” songs. But what this traveling has made me realize is the Keys are indeed a paradise right here on earth. No matter where I may be touring, I look forward to getting back home. As the title of the album says, I am truly living a “Runaway Dream”. The “surf” songs are obvious with titles such as “Ocean Girl”, “Rocking the Boat”, “Riding the Wave” and the seaside party anthem “Not Working Today”. There’s even a holiday rocker entitled “Christmas In Key West”.

Not Working Today

Christmas in Key West


Live the picture once in awhile instead of taking it

My ship is finally coming in right on schedule. Hit some rough waters, hung on for dear life but we made it to the dock.